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CPC publicizes Party's five-year anti-corruption plan
Updated: 2008-06-23 07:06

BEIJING - The Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee on Sunday revealed its five-year plan for the Party's prevention and punishment of corruption.

The committee has ordered Party organs at all levels to seriously carry out the plan which aims at establishing a system to punish and prevent corruption from 2008 to 2012.

A focus of the plan, a guideline for the Party's anti-corruption work in the next five years, is to correct sybaritic and wasteful spending of the government's money by bosses of state-owned corporations.

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It orders leaders in state-owned companies to create legal, clean and democratic management by paying more attention to the appeals and demands of the public.

As an important shift for the Party's anti-corruption endeavor, the plan pledges to improve its internal supervision over the power.

It vows to establish a supervision system in which the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee regularly reports its work to the plenary meeting of the committee which supervises the Political Bureau.

It also plans to intensify the supervision over officials in various Party organs and governments, making close examination of their illegal incomes, bribery, interference of market or trade and other corruptions by making use of their positions.

Meanwhile, it supports pushing forward the government's information transparency through holding more public hearings and professional consultation meetings.

The plan also invites the mass media to implement press supervision over the government and Party. The media will be encouraged to provide legal and constructive criticizing reports with professional ethics and Party officials shall deal with those reports in a proper way.

The plan was ratified by the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee on April 28.