Tibetan Youth Congress = a terror group

By Jordankobe (bbs.chinadaily.com.cn)
Updated: 2008-04-11 14:41

It's hard -- because that's something I never thought of before -- peeling off the clothes of someone else. I'm taking the risk of being charged as a suspect in a "sexual harassment" case and I can see the troubles there. Hah. However, currently, I have no fear and feel self-assured and rational. Now, we can use an equation to rip off the camouflage of the Tibetan Youth Congress.

(Mask and Husk) + (Blood and Terror) = the real TYC

It's not a difficult one, and one who takes the first sight of it will understand it. And it's not an easy one too, which baffles lots of wise people.

1. Mask and Husk

When the "Tibetan Youth Congress" was founded in 1970, it declared itself as "non-governmental organization". That label is quite natural as no one will follow them if they proclaimed to be a terrorist group. They also used the image of our pure snow mountain and the just dauntless lion to make their so-called "snow lion flag", a cunning tactic to deceive kind-hearted people.

The TYC, the "Tibetan Women's Congress", the "Free Tibet Students' Movement" and four other "secessionist" organizations held a press conference in New Dehli on January 4, 2008 and announced a proposal of "Tibetan People's Uprising Movement". They called the movement a "global movement of Tibetans in and outside Tibet" and said it will "make trouble to China by organizing and coordinating actions in Tibet". How ridiculous. What kind of movement can be called "People's Uprising"? No doubt many people in other countries, even some in China, have been deluded.

The "husk" of the TYC is thin, but it is soft and sticky, making it difficult to peel, and somewhat nauseating.

Equation 1, so-called "NGO" + "Snow Lion flag" + "People's Uprising" = ?

2. Blood and Terror

Since its founding, the TYC has been a terrorist group for the "total independence of Tibet". Tendzin Choegyal, Dalai Lama's younger brother and follower, said: "Terrorist activities can be most effective at the lowest cost." At a meeting of its "central executive committee" in Dharamsala, India, the TYC approved a decision to "start a guerrilla movement as soon as possible to secretly enter China and carry out armed struggles". The organization also made preliminary plans to prepare personnel, funding and arms to steal into China through the China-Nepal border. Some ringleaders even claimed they could sacrifice at least 100 Tibetans to achieve a "thorough victory". Wow! All those lead us to think about the Black Widows, bin Ladens, East Turkistans, human bombs, and September 11 terrorists…

Equation 2, Tendzin Choegyal + Dharamsala "central executive committee" + personnel, financing and arms purchasing plans + 100 Tibetans = ?

In the 1970s, the TYC instigated "Free Tibet" activities when Dalai Lama dispatched a visiting group to Tibet with the approval of China's central government. In the 1980s, it instigated a series of serious riots in Lhasa. In the early 1990s, it audaciously claimed that Tibet would be independent in five to ten years. In the late 1990s, the TYC staged a ban on worshipping the protective deity "Dorje Shugden". This year, the TYC of the Dalai Clique claimed in a March 10 statement that it would "never give up the struggle for a free Tibet" and organized the serious violent incident of beating, smashing, ransacking and arson on March 14. We can see all these can be applied at the right side of the equation.

Equation 3: 1970s+1980s+1990s+2008+ . . . =?

The TYC has been organizing such classes as "blast technique trainings" for terrorists. Speeches by the Dalai clique in 2007 revealed the "Students for a Free Tibet" (SFT) held its eighth "free Tibet campaign" in North America and has so far trained 450 terrorists. They committed appalling and ghastly crimes in Lhasa on March 14. Then the same kind of violence including beating, smashing, looting and arson also broke out in several Tibetan-inhabited areas like Aba of Southwest China's Sichuan Province and Gannan of Northwest China's Gansu Province. Displaying the snow lion flag of the so-called "Tibetan government in exile," rioters vowed to pursue "Tibet independence" at any cost. They attacked government offices, hospitals, schools and shops, smashed and burned vehicles, utilities and residences. Innocent civilians were hacked and beaten to death, in an atrocious and brutal way. The sabotage led to losses of 250 million yuan ($36 million) and 400 casualties.

Equation 4: Blast technique training class + "free Tibet campaign" + 450 terrorists + March 14 Lhasa riot + $36 million + 400 casualties =?

The police recently found 178 guns, 13,013 bullets, 359 swords, 3,504 kilograms of dynamite, 19,360 detonators and two grenades in the residence of some lamas in Tibet. Since March 10, 18 Chinese embassies and consulates in some foreign countries have harassed and attacked by the Tibetan separatists and some so-called international "pro-Tibet activists."

Equation 5: 178 guns + 13,013 bullets + 359 swords + 3,504 kilograms of dynamite + 19,360 detonators + two hand grenades + 18 embassies=?

Equation 1+2+3+4+5= terrorist organization TYC

After all these calculations, I'm afraid I might be nominated for the Nobel Prize for Mathematics! The "Tibetan Youth Congress", you are left of merely blood and terror when your mask and skin are stripped off.

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