Government chief ensures safety in Tibet

Updated: 2008-03-17 12:33

Qiangba Puncog, Tibet Autonomous Regional Government chairman decried rioters and the Dalai Lama clique for conspiring the latest riot in Lhasa, and underlined the government's determination to safeguard Tibet, during a news briefing in Beijing on Monday.

Thirteen innocent civilians were burned or stabbed to death in last Friday's riot in Lhasa, and sixty-one police were injured, six of them seriously wounded, said Qiangba Pungcog.

Rioters set fire at more than 300 locations, including residential houses and 214 shops, and smashed and burned 56 vehicles, causing heavy losses and seriously disturbed social order in the city.

The violence was out of conspiracy jointly made by domestic and overseas separatists who are advocating "Tibet independence".

The Dalai clique masterminded, well planned and carefully organized the riot on March 14, Qiangba Puncog said, citing that the rioters' activities were "crime".

The chairman said the Dalai clique's version on describing the vilence and echoing tilted news coverage of some Western media are "ridiculous."  They are confusing right and wrong while labeling the riot as "peaceful demonstration", and slandering efforts of local law enforcement to keeping order as "crackdown on the peaceful demonstration."

The Tibetan government chief expressed confidence in maintaining social stability and order under the leadership of the Chinese Central Government,saying the Tibetans will firmly fight against splitting efforts, and safeguard the unified motherland. 

Any secessionist attempt to sabotage Tibet's stability will not gain people's support and is doomed to fail, he said.

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