Dalai coterie's secessionist attempts doomed to fail

Updated: 2008-03-17 06:43

The Dalai coterie fled to India following a failed armed rebellion in 1959, but they were neither willing to say farewell to their privilege under the feudal serfdom, nor to see a flourishing new Tibet.

From the frequent armed assaults along the border areas in the 1960s, to the bloody Lhasa riot in 1989, the secessionist activities backed by the Dalai clique never stopped.

In recent years, the Dalai clique has been telling the world that they has stopped seeking "Tibetan independence". However, it is just another huge lie.

In an effort to fan up the international community to link the "Tibet issue" with the Beijing Olympics, he repeatedly preached during his frequent international trips that the year 2008 is of key importance and the Olympic Games would be the "last chance" for the Tibetans.

How can the Dalai clique justify themselves when the Tibetan Youth Congress vowed to pursue "Tibet independence" at the cost of blood and lives in a March 10 statement, which says "they would never give up the fight for Tibet independence"?

Starting from March 10, the group launched a so-called "Marching to Tibet" in India. Organizers claimed that once they were blocked outside China, they would stage protests and instigate followers to echo them by making troubles inside China.

After the riot broke out in Lhasa, the Dalai clique maintained real-time contacts through varied channels with the rioters, and dictated instructions to his hard core devotees and synchronized their moves, police sources say. Evidence again mounted against the Dalai coterie's trumpet for "non-violence", exposing them as a deceitful bunch.

It has been the common understanding of the international community that Tibet is an inseparable part of China. No country in the world recognizes the so-called "Tibetan government-in-exile". The series of farces and sabotages by the Dalai clique were strongly opposed by the international community.

On March 10, several Tibetan separatists staged a torch lighting ceremony in front of the ancient archeological site of Olympia of Greece to protest against the upcoming Games in Beijing. The much-ridiculed episode was soon over when police drove them out.

The "marching to Tibet" in India became another aborted act as the crowd were greeted  by Indian police awaiting in the midway.

All these facts have come to say and will continue to prove that the Dalai group's ill-willed attempts to destabilize Tibet, in whatever forms, will not succeed, since such efforts go against the popular will of the international community and 2.8 million people in the Tibet Autonomous Region.

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