China 'improving environment' for foreign journalists

Updated: 2008-03-14 09:00

BEIJING -- China is continuously improving the work environment for foreign journalists, a move that has been well received by the international community, said a Foreign Ministry spokesman here on Thursday.

"As China continues to push forward its opening up, it is also making efforts to create a better work environment for foreign journalists," said spokesman Qin Gang at a routine press conference.

"I believe the work environment for foreign journalists in China will get better and better."

He said China had made efforts in a "serious", "active" and "responsible" manner to carry out the current regulations to help foreign journalists to report on the August Olympiad.

The "Regulations on reporting activities in China by foreign journalists during the Beijing Olympic Games and the preparatory period" took effect on January 1 and expires on October 17.

"Any unbiased foreign reporters would notice that they are having more and more access and getting better service to make their reports on China along with China's opening-up process," Qin said.

However, he acknowledged there were problems during the implementation process which, he explained, were caused by two major factors.

First, China was a large country with a vast territory, a huge population and many differences among the various regions. It would take time for the foreign media regulations to be carried out thoroughly as various parties needed time to understand, absorb and implement the regulations. Second, a few foreign media also needed to reflect on their reporting style.

Qin said some reporters had violated Chinese regulations, didn't respect those they had interviewed, yet proceeded with interviews against the person's wish. Some had even fabricated news stories.

He said China would remain committed to improving the working conditions for foreign reporters in the country. He expressed his belief that foreign media would enjoy a better working environment with the country's further opening to the outside world.

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