China urges Dalai Lama to drop splittist attempts

Updated: 2008-03-11 21:08

BEIJING -- A Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman on Tuesday urged the Dalai Lama to drop attempts toward "Tibetan independence", but to take concrete actions to do more good for Tibetans.

"The Dalai clique repeatedly talks about Tibetan culture and the environment being ruined. But in fact, the Tibetan society, economy and culture have prospered." spokesman Qin Gang told reporters.

"The only thing destroyed was the cruel and dark serfdom rule, which the Dalai clique wanted to restore."

He was responding to press questions about recent remarks on Tibet's development by the Dalai Lama.

Qin said the Central Government had enhanced support for the autonomous region. The achievement Tibet had scored in economic development, social stability and harmony among different religions and ethnics were there for all to see.

Attempts to link Tibetan issues to the upcoming Beijing Olympics and distort the facts are unwise and will never succeed, Qin said.

"I hope Dalai (Lama) could face squarely the reality and history, discern the situation and do more good to the Tibetans with concrete actions in his remaining years," Qin said.

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