Special envoy says US benefits from booming China exports

Updated: 2007-11-14 10:49

SHENYANG - US special envoy Alan F. Holmer said the United States has benefited from Chinese exports to the country and the economic interdependence between the two is deepening.

He said the United States has seen its imports rise from US$102 billion to US$287 billion over the past five years. There were tremendous benefits from Chinese exports in terms of consumer choice, lower prices and competition that the producers received from China-made products.

Holmer arrived in China Monday to prepare for the third Strategic Economic Dialogue (SED) due to be held next month in Beijing.

"We need each other more and more on a broader number of economic and economically consequential issues," he said during a speech at Liaoning University in Shenyang, capital the northeast Liaoning Province.

Meanwhile, as trade and investment were now increasingly becoming a source of friction, such tensions were straining the domestic consensus in both countries on the benefits of economic engagement, he said.

"In a sense, the tensions reflect a maturing of our relationship and the rapid growth in bilateral trade and investment. We need to make sure we manage the tensions effectively in order to keep our bilateral economic ties on an even keel," he said.

He noted that a rise in economic nationalism and protectionism in both countries may constrain leaders from adopting policies that are in the long-term interests of citizens and economies of the two countries.

Of the SED, he said its key purpose was to provide a mechanism where the two countries can share experiences and expertise. Holmer added the two sides had developed some wonderful technical exchanges through the mechanism. "We should continue to move to show the SED is effective and achieve results," he said.

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