Words and Phrases

Selected words from Hu's report

加快中国特色军事变革to accelerate the revolution in military affairs with Chinese characteristics

提高军队应对多种安全威胁、完成多样化军事任务的能力to enhance the military's capability to respond to various security threats and accomplish diverse military tasks

党对军队绝对领导的根本原则the fundamental principle of the Party exercising absolute leadership over the armed forces

人民军队的根本宗旨the fundamental purpose of the armed forces serving the people

建设信息化军队to build computerized armed forces

信息化战争IT-based warfare

信息化条件下军事训练military training under IT-based conditions

高素质新型军事人才high- caliber military personnel

转变战斗力生成模式to change the mode of generating combat capabilities

中国特色军民融合式发展路子a path of development with Chinese characteristics featuring military and civilian integration

持久和平、共同繁荣的和谐世界harmonious world of lasting peace and common prosperity

遵循联合国宪章宗旨和原则,恪守国际法和公认的国际关系准则,在国际关系中弘扬民主、和睦、协作、共赢精神to uphold the purposes and principles of the United Nations Charter, observe international law and universally recognized norms of international relations, and promote democracy, harmony, collaboration and win-win solutions in international relations

均衡、普惠、共赢balanced development, shared benefits and win-win progress

求同存异seeking common ground while shelving differences

世界多样性the diversity of the world

以和平方式解决国际争端to settle international disputes by peaceful means

高举和平、发展、合作旗帜,奉行独立自主的和平外交政策,维护国家主权、安全、发展利益,恪守维护世界和平、促进共同发展的外交政策宗旨to hold high the banner of peace, development and cooperation, pursue an independent foreign policy of peace, safeguard China's interests in terms of sovereignty, security and development, and uphold its foreign policy purposes of maintaining world peace and promoting common development

军备竞赛arms race

损人利己、以邻为壑to seek benefits for itself at the expense of other countries or shift its troubles onto others

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