Chinese students talk with ISS astronaunt

Updated: 2007-08-27 09:53

3QIf air leak happens in the ISS, what emergency actions will be taken?

AIf we have an air leak we try to isolate which module is leaking and move closer to the "Soyuz".

4QHow do you handle the waste generated in the space?

AWe put the waste in tanks and put those tanks onto the progress vehicle and release the progress vehicle. It burns up on the earth's atmosphere as progress falls.

5QIs it very quiet on the ISS?

ANo, it's very noisy. All the fans and pumps mane so much that we need to wear ear plugs.

6QWhat does your family think of your work in the space?

AIt's really neat and they are very proud of me and they are happy that I can do this.

7QOn the ISS, in which direction will the plants grow?

A5 days ago I started growing some plant but have not seen them yet. I believe they will grow in the direction of the light.

8QHow do you maintain oxygen supply on the ISS?

AWe get our oxygen from several places. First from tanks on the progress vehicle. Second, from tanks on the shuttle. Third, we make it through the progress of breaking down the water. Fourth, we burn oxygen candles that creates oxygen.

9QWhat does it feel like when you go through the black-out-area?

AIt does not feel any different. Just wait a while and you are in contact again.

10Q: Is there any robot on board the ISS?

AYes, we have the robotic arm fromCanada.

11Q: How far does the ISS fly per hour?

A17500 mphor 5 miles/seconds

12QHow can you keep ISS on its own orbit?

AISS simply falls around the earth.

13QWhat if you happen to get sick?

ALuckily we have Dr. Oleg on board who is very good doctor.

14QWhat if you lost connection with the ground? Is it possible for the spacecraft to go back to the earth automatically?

AIt is possible. If you have a very day to escape using the "Soyuz" vehicle to come back to earth.

15QHave you ever seen some space junk with your own eyes?

AI saw something nearby spinning around but was not sure what it was.

16QDoes earth look any different from it used to be?

AWe see lots of fires burning snow but it looks the same to me.

17QWhat is the longest distance between the ISS and the earth?


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