China takes measures to supervise imported food

Updated: 2007-08-17 21:41

Problematic products

The white paper  said 477 batches of food products out of 55,000 exported to the United States were rejected in the first half of 2007, an acceptance rate of 99.1 percent.

Food products exported to the European Union fared better with 135 batches out of 62,000 failing to meet quality standards, an acceptance rate of 99.8 percent.

"The qualification rate of exported Chinese food products has been over 99 percent for many years," said the 29-page white paper on the country's food safety.

On July 20, Japan's Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare released a report saying Chinese food products had the highest acceptance rate - 99.42 percent - for food imported into the country, followed by 99.38 percent of the food imported from the EU and 98.69 percent of food from the U.S, the white paper said.

The white paper said Japan, the largest importer of Chinese food, conducts more sample surveys on Chinese food - 15.7 percent - than on food from anywhere else.

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