Chinese Premier pays visits to senior scientists, author

Updated: 2007-08-05 20:47

BEIJING, -- Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao has paid home visits to three senior scientists and an author who played important roles in China's scientific development and literature cause.

Zhu Guangya, the 83-year-old famous physicist, received the Premier at home on Friday afternoon.

Zhu had been one of the leading scientists who took part in developing China's first A-bomb, H-bomb and satellite in the 1960s and 1970s.

"The Chinese People's Liberation Army has just celebrated its 80th founding anniversary. Although you did not attend the conference the Party held to mark the achievements, including the A-bomb, H-bomb and satellite, everybody keeps you in mind. We all remember the great contribution you have made to the projects," Wen said.

The old man shook hands with the Premier with tears in his eyes and handed in proposals on how to coordinate development of military and civilian technologies and to set up a human resources framework encouraging creativity.

When the premier visited the house of Qian Xuesen, the 96-year-old renowned scientist and founder of China's space technology told the Premier his opinions on training more young talents and on combining science with literature and art in education.

"Proper handling of relationship between science and literature and art will help students in school of science improve creativity, " Qian said.

The Premier has also visited He Zehui, renowned nuclear physicist and wife of late physicist Qian Sanqiang, known as Father of China's A-bomb, as well as Ji Xianlin, a well-known Chinese author and translator.


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