Xinjiang plays key anti-terrorism role

By Zhang Nan (
Updated: 2007-07-09 16:24

Describing the role Xinjiang plays in anti-terrorist cooperation, Kurax Mahesut, vice-chairman of the regional government said that the stability of Xinjiang is crucial as well as stability in China.

During an interview with recently, Kurax Mahesut agreed that the world is focused on Xinjiang, because it demonstrates unique features. The region accounts for one sixth of the country's territory. It borders on eight countries, and many hot spots for terrorism are in those countries.

As a major area inhabited by ethnic minorities, Xinjiang also attracts considerable focus in the world.

Kurax Mahesut said: "In this perspective, it is quite natural for the world to show great attention about Xinjiang. The stability of the region is one of the crucial matters for China."

The Shanghai Cooperation Organization, which groups the central Asian countries, Russia and China, plays an important role in ensuring an environment for long-term stable development in Xinjiang.

"After years of joint efforts made by member countries, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization has become an important mechanism contributing to political, economic and cultural development, in addition to national security," he continued.

"Economic cooperation and cultural exchange have become very active in the framework of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. As these cultural and economic exchanges take place among member countries, they exert great influence on each other. It makes security cooperation even more important," he said.

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