Lonely path to abortion for women

(Shanghai Daily)
Updated: 2007-06-18 08:52

Nearly half of young women who called Shanghai's first pregnancy hotline go to hospital for an abortion by themselves without parental support, said officials in charge of the hotline yesterday.

The hotline (6587-6866) based at No. 411 Navy Hospital in Hongkou District received 325 young women for abortion surgery between January and May. Almost all the women were under 25 years old, including 36 girls under 18.

Only 7.8 percent of patients were accompanied by parents, who should show more care and understanding to girls who have premarital sex and get pregnant, doctors said.

"Many pregnant girls come here for consultation without informing their parents, who have no idea about their daughter's pregnancy. One-third of the girls come from other provinces for the operation for privacy reasons," said Dr Zhang Zhengrong from the hospital.

"According to our investigations, over 70 percent of the girls who told their parents were given a severe scolding and criticism instead of support and guidance."

She said many girls were in a poor mental state because of their pregnancy. Support from their family was vital to help them live a normal life.

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