Five-star hotel on Beida campus draws criticism

By Guan Xiaomeng (
Updated: 2007-04-18 17:22

Peking University Science Park is drawing criticism from instructors and students for building a five-star hotel on campus, as reported by Beijing Youth Daily.

The uproar was over the naming of the yet unfinished hotel after Weiming Lake, the symbol of the university. Others condemned the construction will erode the learning atmosphere of a post secondary institution.

"It does not deserve the name 'Weiming' because the Weiming Lake is symbol of Beida. It degrades the honor of the university," said an undergraduate surnamed Liu.

Others weren't as scathing in their opinions. "I don't think it is a bad thing to build a hotel but it'd better not be named after the lake," said a news comment on

An official from the university's asset management office said the name was registered and approved by the local industry and commerce authority.

Many students oppose building the hotel as they worry it may steal the space for teaching facilities. "Many of us have complained about the narrow classrooms and dormitories and we are wondering why a commercial building should take up space for what is really needed," said a student.

But the asset management office official denied the hotel was using up space for classrooms.

According to the official website of Peking University Science Park, the hotel will not only offer accommodation, but also conference facilities, entertainment and catering. It is also equipped with a huge underground spring bath, with massage and gym facilities.

"Such a noisy place as a luxurious hotel should be far away from campus," a group of students told Beijing Youth Daily.

But support for the hotel exists. A young teacher of the university said the conference center in the hotel will be able to hold high-level seminars at the university.

"The hotel is not using up space for classrooms. The municipal government has granted both sides of the Baiyi Road for commercial use" explained an official from the university asset management office.

According to the official website of Beijing Municipal Commission of Urban Planning, however, the land where the hotel is located is used for education and scientific research.

"Land used for education and scientific research is not allowed for commercial use," said Zhang Wei, spokesman of the commission.

But an official from Beida's science park justified the hotel by claiming it would serve as supporting facility to education and scientific research. "So it is all right to be built here," she said.

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