China fires official for having too many children

Updated: 2007-04-09 11:10

China's Communist Party has fired a local official for having too many children -- both with his wife and a mistress -- in violation of strict family planning policies, a state newspaper said on Monday.

Qin Huaiwen, who headed a construction bureau in Yulin in the northwestern province of Shaanxi, had three daughters with his wife and a son and a daughter by his mistress, who was almost 20 years his junior, the Beijing News said.

Most urban Chinese couples are only allowed to have one child.

One of his daughters by his wife was registered as being his wife's sister's, while the two children he had with his mistress took their mother's surname and lived with their grandparents, the report said.

The family ties only came to light after the mistress began complaining about a lack of child support and her second-rate position to Qin's wife, the newspaper added.

Qin denied his mistress' children were related to him, but DNA tests proved otherwise, it said.

Qin was also charged with adultery, and was expelled from the party as well as losing his job, it said.

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