Netizens support dialogue

(China Daily)
Updated: 2007-03-26 06:52

Most people are in favor of China and Russia continuing to consolidate their relationship, according to an online survey by

Netizens were asked last week: Chinese President Hu Jintao is to visit Russia next week. Do you think China and Russia should continue to consolidate their relationship in the future? Why?

Of the 434 respondents, 306 (70.5 percent) voted "yes," while just 80 (18.4 percent) said "no."

One respondent, Gary, wrote that Hu Jintao's visit "manifests the importance of building up a stronger relationship".

Others surveyed said the respective needs of the two countries were good reason for cooperation.

Eric wrote that it was necessary for the two countries to, "stabilize long-term economic cooperation, military reciprocity and bilateral contracts".

Another respondent "Whynot" wrote that the two countries had every reason to cooperate. "China needs energy, technology and equipment from Russia, and Russia needs China's funds and commodities. Two-way cooperation benefits both parties," Whynot said.

Two others wrote that cooperation between China and Russia would help in the fight against hegemony.

China Daily

(China Daily 03/26/2007 page2)

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