Sexual harassment should be in labor contract law

(Xinhua )
Updated: 2007-03-11 15:58

A deputy to the National People's ongress (NPC) has suggested the inclusion of punishment on sexual arassment in the draft labor contract law, which is being deliberated by the national legislature.

In August 2005 sexual harassment was written into the amendment o the law on women's rights protection, NPC deputy Han Deyun said.

However, Han noted that the amendment only protects women from sexual harassment. Men can also be harassed by women or even by the same sex.

In this sense, the lawmaker suggested a clause on the punishment of sexual harassment, which targets not only women but also men, be added into the draft labor contract law.

Besides, the NPC deputy said, the law on women's rights protection does not specify the responsibilities of employers for sexual harassment cases. Such a content should also be included in the labor contract law.

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