China issues new rules to curb auto emission
Updated: 2006-10-07 10:32

China has reaffirmed its environmental protection efforts by unveiling a new regulation on automobile emission.

The new rule, which will go into effect in 2007, stipulates pollutants from cars should be reduced by 30 percent compared to current levels.

The State Environmental Protection Administration of China says the country will adopt even tougher standards in 2010.

Zhao Yingmin from the administration's science and standards department explains the two rules are aimed at reducing 1.8 million tonnes of nitrogen oxides, 16 million tonnes of carbon monoxide and 2.2 million tonnes of compounds of carbon and hydrogen. It is expected these reduced emissions will help boost China's car exports.

China is the world's third-largest car manufacturer, with an annual production of over 5 million vehicles. At present, there are some 33 million cars in the country.

The country began acting on curbing automobile emissions in 1980s and drew up relevant policies equivalent to Euro 2 and 3 standards in 1999.