Vox pop: Shanghai party chief sacked for graft
Updated: 2006-09-26 09:20

Shanghai party chief sacked for graft

Here are some comments by chinadaily.com.cn readers:

ZPP 2006-09-26 08:09
The 3 major issues that constitute a bottle neck to China's further economic development :

1) Corruption,

2) Incompetence,

3) Far too many people have a peasant-like mentality.

A comprehensive game plan is required to tackle all major problems, including the above.

wanderlust 2006-09-26 07:33
The CPC Central Committee stressed that all Party members, especially senior cadres, must have a clear awareness of the far-reaching, complex and arduous nature of the fight against corruption, and urged them to maintain propriety in their lives, authority, social status and personal interests. this shows that the cpc central committee is fully aware of the far-reaching, complex and arduous nature of the fight as corruption , and this shows the resolution and determination of the cpc central committee to root out corruption.well begun is half done, but we still have a long way to go.

careful 2006-09-26 02:34
Anti-corruption program must also serve the political objective of strengthening the hold on power by our leaders. It is well and good to take down these corrupted officials to vacate their post at the political bureau so that people closer to the current national leaders can be appointed. But we must be careful not to punish these people too severely, and not to track down who else is involved and who is supporting these people in their crime. Tracking down the power behind these criminals may stir up the retired or deposted former leaders to rally their cronies to counter attack by revealling some secrets that we are not ready to handle. Punishing these people too severely may make other criminals too scare to react in an unpredictable fashion.

We must handle these criminals with kidgrove.

Falseforeigndevil 2006-09-25 23:09
The correct punishment is to put to death all the offsprings of these jerks.
This year there is a drought in Guizhou and many farmers are left with nothing to harvest. However, I was told the provincial government still ask the poor farmers to pay their tax, this is despite the central gorvenment's pledge not to tax the farmers. In years past, only those relatively well to do farmers are exempted from tax. The poorer ones still must pay.
I am retired and have penty of time on hand. I want to warantee my time to investigate and bring to justice these demons. Is there no justice in this world ? What kind of animal are these people?

Solomon 2006-09-25 21:48
I really hope President Hu will learn from the Great man, and also his mentor, Mr Deng Xiaoping, in improving & perfecting China's political system to a much mature stage, a higher stage that countries like the United States, Canada, Australia, and most European powers will give their thumbs-up to when talking about China, a stage that Chinese people will gain more chances of prosperity.

Deng, twice sitting as the Man of the Year by the Time magazine, is revered by all Chinese nationals, and was respected by a team of world politicians. Deng relinquished his last post as chairman of the powerful Chinese military, 6 years before he died. He did that, he didn't cling to power till the last minute of life (unlike Mao), he did not promote his children to leading state positions, he did that for the good of China!!!

What China now urgently needs and matures is peaceful and timely transfer of power from the old generations to the younger, energetic, knowledgable new-comers who respect the old, and who, as a collective team, serve the best interests of the Chinese people, and peace & benefits of the world people, too.

So, President Hu needs to set a good example for laying the stone for the new system. This system might not be, or could never be, imminent massive electing system. But it must be peaceful, orderly, and clean transfer of power, to the hands of people-loving younger leaders, not the self interests of the leaders themselves. Sure, an independent corruption-fighting body, like that of HK's , could be set up in China.

see 2006-09-25 20:36
The loan allowed Fuxi Investments to buy the toll road between Shanghai and Hangzhou. The chief executive of the company and two senior Shanghai officials, Zhu Junyi, head of the pensions management bureau, and Qin Yu, a former personal aide and secretary to Chen Liangyu,have already been detained as part of the investigation.

China faces a large shortfall in its funding of pensions, caused both by its aging population and the breakdown of many ill-run state firms. Experts say China has a decade to create a solvent pensions system before the population begins to rapidly age. The pension fund in Shanghai alone has seen its deficit increase from Rmb700 million in 2000 to Rmb4 billion by 2002. 

see 2006-09-25 20:22
As Shanghai party boss, Chen Liang-yu enjoyed considerable leeway to run China's wealthiest urban region. Friends and relatives of Chen are suspected of using access to public funds, including Shanghai's huge pension fund, to enrich themselves. Sources said at least half a dozen other officials and many prominent local deal makers have been arrested in recent weeks in Shanghai.

Chen resisted central government demands to reduce speculative real estate investment and tamp down economic growth to prevent waste and overheating. He offered a prominent symbol of the strength of local party machines even in the face of heavy pressure from the Beijing leadership, so his downfall seems likely to signal Hu's rising authority, analysts said. 

hello 2006-09-25 18:08
Exactly ! Being independent with wide ranging power is important to crack down against corruption, and that's why ICAC was mentioned here. This has nothing to do with the suggestion that China is the only country with graft. Of course every country has graft. 

LovingChina zzzax 2006-09-25 17:11

People can come and go but the main stream of China's internal disciplinary policy must stay strong and strictly focused with ever improving methodology in ridding corrupt practices no matter how tough, dishonest, indiscipline and stubborn any cadre could be or wishes to be. Chuck those rotten potatoes in the basket out soonest to break those vicious circles!


old heart 2006-09-25 16:10
I don't know how to say. It's a good new for our ordinary people, especially shanghaiese! But most urgent thing is to build up a more transparent and effective mechanism to supervise and monitor goverment official's power, otherwise the kind of things will repeat again and again

oleander 2006-09-25 15:46
its very big news.however big the fish, this shows the party leadership and politburo in particular r fully behind the disciplinary inspection department to prosecute one of its own members. 




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