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433,000 evacuated piror to Typhoon Saomai
Updated: 2006-08-10 09:20

BEIJING - Authorities have evacuated more than 433,000 people from parts of China's southeastern coast that are due to be hit by Typhoon Saomai, the Xinhua News Agency said Thursday.

Saomai was expected to hit the mainland on Thursday in Fujian and Zhejiang provinces, Xinhua said, citing government forecasters.

Saomai would be the eighth powerful storm to hit China during this year's unusually violent typhoon season.

The storm was headed toward areas that were pounded by Tropical Storm Bilis, which killed more than 600 people last month.

More than 167,000 people have been evacuated from vulnerable coastal areas of Zhejiang, while 266,000 have been evacuated in Fujian, Xinhua said.


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