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China targets bribery in military spending
Updated: 2006-08-02 11:48

BEIJING - China's defence forces are threatened by spreading commercial corruption as businesses try to bribe their way into the military procurement spending programme, state media said on Wednesday.

The official People's Daily reported that People's Liberation Army inspectors have launched a campaign to stamp out corruption in bids to sell the 2.3 million-member army equipment, medical supplies, telecommunications and transport equipment.

The announcement comes weeks after China's President Hu Jintao warned that corruption was eroding the Party's standing, and after navy deputy commander Wang Shouye was dismissed after a mistress denounced him for economic misdeeds.

"In commercial transactions, the military confronts the temptations and corruptions of commercial bribery, and cases of economic law-breaking and abuses have been on the rise," the People's Daily said, citing an unnamed senior military inspector.

In recent years, the People's Liberation Army has sought to raise efficiency by opening some procurement spending to commercial tenders. 

Last month, China also said it will audit about 1,000 top military officers this year.


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