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China urges dialogue over Iran crisis
Updated: 2006-08-01 09:26

UNITED NATIONS, (Xinhua) -- Chinese Deputy Representative to the UN Liu Zhenming on Monday reiterated China's persistent position that dialogue and negotiations are the only way to resolve the issue of Iran's nuclear issue.

Addressing the Security Council after it adopted a resolution urging Iran to stop uranium enrichment activities by the end of August, Liu said the purpose for the Security Council to review the issue is to safeguard the international nuclear nonproliferation mechanism.

The Council's action to review the issue is also aimed to strengthen IAEA's authority and role, reinforce the endeavor of the IAEA Director General and his team to clarify the outstanding issue relating to Iran's nuclear program, promote the diplomatic efforts, and resolutely commit to finding an appropriate solution to this issue through political and diplomatic means.

Liu stressed that a belated appropriate solution to Iran's nuclear issue is due to lack of trust among main parties involved, and that Security Council cannot handle this issue single-handedly.

"Dialogue and negotiations are the only way out. The IAEA should always be the main mechanism for dealing with this issue. The solution requires all-round diplomatic efforts; any measures adopted by the Security Council should serve the purpose of diplomatic efforts," he said.

Liu noted that the resolution just adopted explicitly demands that Iran shall suspend all enrichment-related and reprocessing activities. It has expressed the intention, in the event that Iran fails to comply with this resolution, that the Security Council shall adopt appropriate measures under Article 41 of the UN Charter to persuade Iran to comply with this resolution and the requirements of the IAEA.

On the other hand, he stressed, in the event Iran fulfills the above obligations and returns to the negotiation table, it will not be necessary for the Council to adopt additional measures.

During this sensitive period of time, Liu said that it is essential for Iran and all the parties concerned not to take any steps that will harm diplomatic efforts and may lead to complication or even loss of control.

"We call upon all the parties to resume as soon as possible dialogue and negotiations for the proper solution of Iran's nuclear issue," he said.

He pledged China's continued efforts to maintain world and regional peace and stability, safeguard and strengthen international nonproliferation mechanism, and enhance political and diplomatic efforts for the solution of Iran's nuclear issue.

The UN Security Council on Monday adopted a resolution demanding that Iran suspend its nuclear activities by the end of August or face possible sanctions.

The resolution was passed by 14 votes to one with Qatar casting the only negative vote.