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China, Japan should remove political obstacles
Updated: 2006-07-29 09:47

China and Japan should work together to remove political obstacles and put bilateral ties back on a normal track as soon as possible, Chinese State Councilor Tang Jiaxuan said here Friday.

Tang made the remarks in a meeting with Akira Amari, director-general of the Association of Dietmen League for Japan-China Friendship.

Tang spoke highly of the contribution made by the Association of Dietmen League for Japan-China Friendship in promoting friendly cooperation between China and Japan.

"The Chinese government and Chinese leaders always treat relations with Japan from a strategic height and long-term perspective, and stick to a friendly policy toward Japan," Tang said.

China is committed to China-Japan peaceful coexistence, long-term friendship, mutually-beneficial cooperation and common development, Tang noted.

"Under the current situation, China and Japan should make joint efforts to remove political obstacles affecting the development of China-Japan relations, and put relations on a path of normal development," he said.

Tang hoped that the Association of the Dietmen League for Japan-China Friendship will continue playing a positive role in improving and developing China-Japan relations.

Akira Amari is here on a visit to China as the guest of the China-Japan Friendship Association. He came to China in March this year as a member of the delegation of heads of seven Japan-China friendship organizations.


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