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Typhoon Kaemi causes no severe casualties in Taiwan
Updated: 2006-07-25 14:20

Kaemi, the fifth typhoon for this year, hasn't caused severe casualties after raking Taiwan overnight, except for a power cut in parts of the island's eastern areas.

The Taiwan Power Company is now making all-out efforts to repair damaged wires for resumption of power supply to 31,000 households in the island's eastern cities and counties, Taiwan authorities announced on Tuesday morning.

Taiwan-based media reported Kaemi, meaning "ant" in Korean, landed at at Taitung at 11: 45 p.m. Monday and left the island about four hours later.

The Taiwan weather bureau said the center of Kaemi was at about 40 kilometers southeast of Penghu at 5:30 a. m. Tuesday. With a storm radius of around 200 kilometers, the typhoon is moving at a speed of 17 kph.

Kaohsiung, Pingtung and Taitung recorded an accumulative rainfall of 200 mm each from midnight to 5: 30 a.m. Tuesday and the rain is continuing.

Rains have led to floods and mud-rock flows and destroyed roads and bridges. Gales have rooted up trees and broke off traffic. Air, road and sea transportation has all been suspended in parts of the island.

It is predicted that the typhoon warning will be relieved around the island by Tuesday evening.