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Late births now get better care
(Shanghai Daily)
Updated: 2006-07-01 14:13

Starting today, China will be taking better care of women giving late birth.

Women giving birth after they are 24 years old - considered a late birth - are given 30 extra days of delivery leave and their spouses get three days to take care of the mother and child, family planning officials said yesterday.

Previously, 24-year-old women only received 15 days paid delivery leave. They can also use their sick leave. Ninety days is common for ordinary deliveries and another 15 days for Caesarean sections.

There is no fixed subsidy, and it depends on where the women work.

The new rule is in line with the Shanghai Population and Family Planning Regulation of 2004.

The Shanghai Population and Family Planning Committee held a news conference yesterday to explain the new policy.

"The rule is more practical to protect the rights of people observing the family planning policy. The government adds new clauses to fill in the issues not addressed," said Xie Lingli, director of the committee.

Another section of rules gives each parents at least 3,000 yuan (US$375) of subsidy if their only child becomes handicapped by accident before age 16 and the parents give up the idea of having a second child or adopting one.

If the only child dies before 16, each of the parents can receive at least 5,000 yuan subsidy if they don't deliver a second child or adopt one, Xie said.