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Great expectation on Huntsman
Updated: 2009-05-22 13:35

From our reader Charles:

Don't use politics to explain of phenominon but business. we are business partners only. Our relationship is far beyond political ties.

To me,creditor and debtor are something in balance sheet. Yes,you have money,but you can't be a creditor if i don't borrow money from you!

Currently,most important to both sides is to figure out how to enlarge business cake.

In brief,creditor can continue to have places to lend money and debtor to borrow money for keeping job opportunities.

During the period,we adjust the proportion between two sides. China spends a little more money and US saves a little more money.

I deeply believe both china and US will not leave the track of remainning the prosperity of two nations.

Any peoples who do harms to partner's side without benefitting themselves are mad and idiots.

I am with great expectation to,bless him good luck .

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