Urbanization is expected to be the main engine for China's economy in the next 10 years. What will governments need to do to solve the many problems that have emerged and will emerge during urbanization? What companies will grasp opportunities during urbanization? How do researchers view urbanization? We invite officials, entrepreneurs, executives and researchers to share their views.
China Daily reporter Song Jingli sat down with Wang Heshan, a NPC deputy and vice governor of Ningxia Hui autonomous region, to share with us the characteristics of the urbanization drive in Ningxia and what "a good urbanizaiton model" would be like. More>>
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Mao Yushi: Environment, or GDP, we have to make the choice
The term "low carbon society" is frequently discussed among authorities and organizations. Is "low carbon" a practical target or just a fancy concept? Mao Yushi, a well-known economist usually referred to as "Lu Xun in economics field", explains his views, from an economic perspective, about "low carbon".
PKU economists: The idea of 'Smart New City' (I)
Four postdoctoral researchers from China's prestigious Peking University, who are specialized in the field of low carbon economy, share their perspectives on building low-carbon cities. They are Dr Li Jinbing, Dr Liang Shengping, Dr Tian Huimin and Dr Wu Zhenghong.
Wang Maoshe: Putting forth a coal-based and diversified development pattern
Wang Maoshe, municipal party secretary of Shuozhou City in Shanxi Province, talks about how this city puts forth a coal-based and diversified development pattern.
Huang Dafang: Researchers should focus whole-heartedly on scientific research
Li Yizhong: Be mindful of potential challenges and dangers

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Q+A | Chi Fulin
China Daily interviewed Chi Fulin, president of the China Institute for Reform and Development in Hainan province, on the challenges facing the country's urbanization.
Starting with the urban-rural divide
While urbanization has been one of the key batons conducting the new leadership orchestra, there are divided views on the measurements of its scale.
Errors in urbanization must be avoided
China should learn from the negative urbanization experiences in foreign countries and set out a clear plan from the start.
Innovation key to Chinese enterprises abroad
Chinese enterprises need to become more innovative to secure their competitive edge in the global market, entrepreneurs and economists have argued.
BOAO sub-forum debates China's innovation
Economists and entrepreneurs attending a sub-forum of the 2013 Boao Forum discussed how Chinese firms must innovate to survive the global economic slowdown.

More private capital needed at urbanization's disposal
Ningxia needs to engage as many private capital owners in urbanization as possible.

Li Daokui on urbanization in China
Those companies that can provide good services to housholds can gain development opportunities during urbanization.

Insurance to push urbanization drive
"People in urban and rural regions don't have equal access to basic public services. These problems will hinder China's urbanization process."

Western nations' urbanization model not for China
Chinese expert Li Yining takes questions from Nanfang Daily and comments on the country's urbanization drive.

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