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China gets tough on overcapacity Growth and reform: Words China can live by Nation faces task of reviving growth All-round reform Key economic reforms on the 3rd plenum
China announces tariffs on US, ROK polysilicon
China's Commerce Ministry on Monday imposed five-year duties on solar-grade polysilicon imports from the US and ROK.
Reforms, other factors to drag on GDP
Risks to China's economy could drag 2014 GDP to its lowest level since 1990 before stimuli from structural reforms start to have an effect, economists say.
Economists upbeat on inflation outlook
Economists expect pressure from inflation to cause no problems this year, following the release of key figures on Thursday.

Economic Watch provides in–depth discussion on the issues and challenges confronting China economic. The reports focus on providing facts, insights and ideas from experts, CEOs and government officials. The report aims to provide more comprehensive view on China economics.

Can big local projects effectively drive growth?
How much can China really count on local projects to boost its growth? Are there alternatives?
No short-term end to eurozone crisis
Chinese economists and business leaders point out that the eurozone debt crisis is far from easing up.
What should China do if Greece quit eurozone?
Will the eurozone fall apart if Greece drops out? what impact would this have on China?
How can China avoid a hard landing?
Can the second largest economy of the world maintain its balance? If so, how?
China taps new pension investment channels
Subjecting the pension funds to the capital market may be a viable way out for China's fast ageing population.
Smartphone races in Chinese market
More and more firms hope grabbing a share of the Chinese market.
China to stabilize economic growth
The Chinese government has vowed to make some tailored changes to its established macroeconomic policy.
Baby boom, a powerful economic engine
The fourth wave of the baby boom in China has galvanized a market thirsty for children-related products.
Foreign investment going west
China's western region, with its lower land and labor costs, is becoming a new hot spot for foreign investment.
New policies support new energy cars
Latest news about China support new energy vehicles, electric cars, and hybrid automobiles, through new policies.
2012 Central Economic Work Conference
Leaders review the country's economic works in the past year, and maps out economic plans for coming year.

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