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China gets tough on overcapacity Growth and reform: Words China can live by Nation faces task of reviving growth All-round reform Key economic reforms on the 3rd plenum
China announces tariffs on US, ROK polysilicon
China's Commerce Ministry on Monday imposed five-year duties on solar-grade polysilicon imports from the US and ROK.
Reforms, other factors to drag on GDP
Risks to China's economy could drag 2014 GDP to its lowest level since 1990 before stimuli from structural reforms start to have an effect, economists say.
Economists upbeat on inflation outlook
Economists expect pressure from inflation to cause no problems this year, following the release of key figures on Thursday.

Economic Watch provides in–depth discussion on the issues and challenges confronting Chinese economy. This special editorial focus on providing opinions, insights and ideas from experts, CEOs and government officials, and aiming to provide more comprehensive view on China economics.

China gets tough on overcapacity
Overcapacity is one of the major problems in the world's economic cycles. Now it's China's turn to deal with it.
Growth and reform: Words China can live by
2014 will be more important, because rarely has a recent year featured both growth and reform, or a balance of the two "irreconcilable" tasks as seen by some China watchers.
Nation faces task of reviving growth
2014 should be a year of action to implement the reform plans laid out by the Third Plenum, economists agree.
Shanghai FTZ:a new path to economic growth
Shanghai unveiled the China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone, which is widely expected to create an efficient market environment for domestic and foreign enterprises.
Economic watch: Davos special (I)
Chinese Premier Li Keqiang published an article in the Financial Times on Sept 9 under the title "China will stay the course on sustainable growth" to dispel fears that China's economic slowdown will lead to a sharp decline or a hard landing.
Economic watch: BRICS coorperation
Ahead of the Group of 20 summit of the world's largest economies in Russia, China Daily interviewed four economists for their views about BRICS nations coorperation.
Economic watch: Sustainable growth
Cautiously optimistic, that can be the description of the economists' general feedback on the latest data about China's economic performance.
China and the Global Economy
World-renowned economists and experts shared their views on the outlook of China's economy, and the country's contribution to the global economy.
Economic watch: half-year growth
Following the NBS report on Monday about China's economic performance in the first half of the year, Premier Li Keqiang held a meeting with the nation's leading economists.
Focus on urbanization, Shanghai FTA
This is China Daily's third forum to review the economy's performance in the first half of the year, with a focus on the issue of urbanization and trends that are encouraging or worrisome.
Buyers rush to purchase bargain gold
Since Mid-April 2013, with prices dropping sharply, gold stores and banks which sell investment gold products reported surging sales across China.
Global firms wait with anticipation
The "two sessions" are not just China's own business. Here, five top execs from multinational companies share their expectations & concerns.
Reform key to continued momentum
Manufacturing activity has reached a new low. The A-share stock market tumbled. GDP forecasts have been cut. Debt is piling up.
Improved environment for talks?
China Daily asks four experts to give their expectations for the ongoing UN Climate Conference in Doha.
Land of opportunities
The 18th National Congress of the Communist Party will usher in the country's new leadership lineup and have an important influence on economic into the next decade.
Higher inflation around the corner?
How high China's CPI will be at the turn of the year is really hard to tell.

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