Economic Watch: China and the Global Economy

Editor's note: The economic slowdown in China has led to a sense of uncertainty in the world's second largest economy and beyond, due to the country's exceptional economic performance over the past decades, which has been the main driving force of global economic growth. In this special issue of Economic Watch, world-renowned economists, CEOs, experts and netizens shared their views on the outlook of China's economy, and the country's contribution to the global economy.

Economic Watch: China and the Global Economy

Economic Watch: China and the Global Economy

Economic Watch: China and the Global Economy

Economic Watch: China and the Global Economy

Economic Watch: China and the Global Economy

Economic Watch: China and the Global Economy

Economic numbers that won't add up

"A market economy can necessarily only be 'profit led growth'. In a market economy output does not increase due to 'demand' but only because of profit - increasing demand consequently only increases output if it increases profit. The attempt to apply 'consumption led growth' would actually lead to a lower rate of consumption growth"

Resilience of the Chinese economy

"I want to applaud the new Chinese leadership. Their decision to abandon the old economic model which used government policies and incentives to stimulate growth for the sake of economic growth represents a new level of self-confidence and new wisdom in economic management."

Outlook of the China's economy

"I believe China will be the island of development surrounded by still emerging markets of its western neighbors when the crisis subsides. China will be the economy center of the world in the next decades, probably having RMB a "reference currency" for the economy exchange all over the world."

China to 'lead global economic growth'

"Global GDP growth will almost certainly come from outside the developed world, with the urbanization drive in emerging markets expected to double the size of the middle class....China will lead the rise of the global economy and sectors related to energy, and consumption in the country has great investment potential."

The time is now for modern China

"China's modern rise was peaceful at the same time creating opportunities for developing countries and neighbouring countries to engage and enhanced cooperation through trade and economic development....The winds of creativity, modernization and innovation have shifted to the East."

China's economy will continue to prosper

"Local government finance needs to be reformed. Many do not have the funds to cover payments on loans in independent entities they set up to borrow funds from banks....I think China's economy will continue to prosper. The government has done a very good for the last three decades. I think the new leadership will continue this."

Likonomics helps revitalize Chinese economy

"A slower growing China may not necessarily be a bad thing. In fact, it likely signals that China's authorities are finally putting the economy on the right path....It helps pave the way for a fair playground for competition and revitalize the economy."

China's economic policy 'wise'

"China is wise not to follow the west's example, which is to implement a loose monetary policy when times are good and bad....The central bank of China is rightly worried about excess credit. And they seem to be managing it in a sensible way."

China helps fuel global economic growth

"In the last 35 years well priced Made in China was literally the most effective (some say the only effective) poverty alleviation program in the world. And buying Made in China improves Americans' living standards."

Getting to know about modern China

"I was born in London in the middle of the last century. In those days China could have been another planet, or even the dark side of the moon, since our knowledge of China was very scanty...A lot has changed since those days."

Economic Watch: China and the Global Economy

World wants to see a sound China

China's impact on the global economy and its recent financial reform are some of the focuses of the G20 meeting of finance ministers and central bankers from the world's 20 biggest economies.

Economic Watch: China and the Global Economy

Lin Yifu: State must control capital

"A complete market mechanism is essential to exert the comparative advantage as it can fully reflect the relative price of productive factors. As all economic progress is a process of technological advancement, industrial upgrading and perfecting of infrastructure, the institutional progress too is a process, and the government plays an active role in this process."

Economic Watch: China and the Global Economy

China keeps 7.75% GDP forecast

The International Monetary Fund has released its latest report on China's economy, saying that continued success requires another round of decisive measures to revive growth.