Shanghai to tune minimum wage

Updated: 2012-02-28 13:45


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Good news for cash-short families in Shanghai. Shanghai's municipal government has agreed to raise the bar for minimum wage and minimum living allowances for its laborers and citizens on April 1, the 19th adjustment since 1993, according to the Morning News.

The minimum monthly wage will increase from 170 yuan ($27) to 1,450 yuan, while the minimum hourly wage will increase from 11 yuan to 12.5 yuan. It is a strategic move aiming to seek legal rights and benefits for laborers in Shanghai.

The minimum living allowance for an urban citizen will be turned up to 570 yuan per month, increasing by 12.87 percent. For a rural citizen, it will stand at 430 yuan, an increase of 19.44 percent.

In the biggest step since the establishment of Shanghai's substance allowances system in 1993, it will help bridge the gap between urban and rural allowance standards.

The minimum living allowances do not include social insurance and housing fund, which are to be paid by laborers, according to the new standard. The same applies to extra pay for overtime work, and allowances for working in low or high temperatures, as well as toxic or harmful environments.