Currency swap

2006-10-18 10:40:49

A currency swap means an arrangement in which two parties exchange specific amounts of different currencies initially, and a series of interest payments on the initial cash flows are exchanged.

Money laundering

2006-11-16 13:52:28

Money laundering, the metaphorical "cleaning of money" with regard to appearances in law, is the practice of engaging in specific financial transactions in order to conceal the identity, source and/or destination of money and is a main operation of underground economy.

Return on investment

2006-10-19 14:11:57

Return on Investment (ROI) is a measure of a company's ability to use its assets to generate additional value for shareholders.

Foreign direct investment - FDI

2006-10-17 15:11:41

Foreign direct investment (FDI) is defined as a long-term investment by a foreign direct investor in an enterprise resident in an economy other than that in which the foreign direct investor is based.

Current asset

2006-10-19 14:07:30

In accounting, a current asset is an asset on the balance sheet which is expected to be sold or otherwise used up in the near future, usually within one year, or one business cycle - whichever is longer.

Fixed asset

2006-10-19 14:05:23

Fixed asset, also known as property, plant, and equipment (PP&E), is a term used in accountancy for assets and property which cannot easily be converted into cash.

Renminbi - RMB

2006-09-29 09:14:28

The renminbi (literally "people's currency") or the yuan is the official currency in the mainland of the People's Republic of China (PRC).

Foreign exchange rate

2006-10-17 14:32:50

In finance, the exchange rate between two currencies specifies how much one currency is worth in terms of the other.

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