Spaniard launches startup to show Beijing’s hidden gems

For an ancient city like Beijing with many must-sees, foreign tourists know the major sites that they will set foot on. However, for some, the hidden gems in secret corners of this sprawling metropolis are what they really need to see.

Chinese outbound tourists 'walking wallets'

Buy, buy, buy! Shopping is not the only purpose that Chinese people travel abroad, but it is reality that outbound travelers are spending huge to buy products from daily necessities to luxury items.

With 3D and VR, Chinese tailor aims to help more find 'perfect fit'

3D body scanning can be used to replace time-consuming traditional tailoring and virtual reality technologies can be used to show the effect of wearing yet-to-be-fabricated clothes.

Drawing power out of thin air

People who loathe carrying around messy smartphone charging cables can breathe easy. Soon, while driving, they will be able to use Chinese wireless charging technology.

Fujian company offers cutting-edge karaoke experience with VR

Karaoke with augmented and virtual reality technologies has great market potential in China, according to Fujian Star-net Communication Co Ltd, a local telecommunications solution provider.

Relax, robot will invest for you

CreditEase Corp, a leading Chinese peer-to-peer or P2P lending and wealth management company, launched ToumiRA, a computerized investment advisory service, or "robo adviser", if you will, in late June, to help small investors create global portfolios inexpensively.

Web-based hospital offers patients a high-tech remedy

As China steps up efforts to overhaul its overstretched medical system, a tech company in southwestern Guizhou province is taking an innovative approach-setting up an internet hospital exclusively for patients with complicated conditions.

AI startup Lingban Technology launches new voice-recognition product

Chinese artificial intelligence startup Lingban Technology Ltd launched a new voice-recognition product, after the two-year-old startup raised near 100 million yuan from investors.

Uber eyes smaller cities, investment to take on rival: CEO

Ride-hailing firm Uber is looking to expand further into China's lower-tier cities, where business has been growing faster than in top-tier cities, CEO Travis Kalanick has said.

Xiaomi to open 1,000 experience stores and emerge as 'Muji in tech sector'

Smartphone vendor Xiaomi Corp said on Monday it plans to open 1,000 offline experience stores over the next three to four years and continue to expand its product portfolio.

Beijing AI startup SenseTime pioneers deep learning tech

Artificial intelligence remains one of the world's fastest-growing areas of industrial development, highlighted again in March when Google Inc's computer program AlphaGo beat the South Korean champion Lee Se-dol at Go, the ancient board game.


China has entered an era of "mass entrepreneurship and innovation", indicating individuals' enthusiasm to start their own business and pursue their own dreams, rather than being a routine worker.

It is said that only one percent of startups have the chance to succeed and this one-percent possibility is proving to be irresistible to those who want to change the established market, the established technology, etc.

As starting a business and scaling it up is not easy, startup founders must have a lot to share about their ideas and plans and must be willing to take feedback from experts, investors and consumers. serves as a platform for them to meet as reporters from this media organization interview all the relevant stakeholders of each prominent startup to give readers like you a full picture of "innovative China".