DPRK allows China domestic trade cargo to ship via its port

Updated: 2011-07-04 16:52


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DPRK allows China domestic trade cargo to ship via its port 

The Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) has given a green light to the China's domestic trade cargo to be shipped via its port of Rajin from northeast to east China.

The domestic trade cargo transborder transport is part of the cooperation of the countries on the Tumen River.

If the scheme is approved, China's domestic trade cargo can be shipped from northeastern province Jilin's Huichun port, via the DPRK port of Rajin, to eastern port of Shanghai and Ningbo, instead of using road transportation, which is longer in distance, which cuts down on time and costs.

In January this year, the first batch of cargo was shipped from Jilin to Shanghai via Rajin Port.

According to estimation, the cost of coal shipped via Rajin Port from northeast China to the power plants in southeast China can be reduced by 60 yuan ($9.26) per tonne.

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