China's wheat harvest to rise for 8th year

Updated: 2011-06-22 10:40
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BEIJING -- An official with the Ministry of Agriculture said Tuesday that China will see an output increase of winter wheat for the eighth straight year.

The country has finished harvesting 21 million hectares, or more than 90 percent of its winter wheat crops, the official said anonymously.

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As the major produce of summer grains is wheat, the official said the country is highly likely to reap a better summer grains harvest.

The increase is expected to help ensure supplies, stabilize prices and manage inflationary expectations, which will contribute to the steady, relatively fast economic growth and enhance social stability, the official said.

To achieve a stable full-year grain output, efforts should be made to ensure the production of early rice crops with the autumn grain harvest in particular, the official said.

According to the official, the recent flooding in south China is regional and short-term. Damage to the autumn grain can be properly handled.

To ensure ample autumn grain production this year, the ministry urges local agricultural authorities to select the optimal farming season, strengthen field management and minimize pest and disease damage.