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China's 7 self-made female billionaires

Updated: 2010-03-23 18:52
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China can hardly be called a perfect place for women as gender discrimination still prevails in both the workplace and in families, but it may be a promising place for women entrepreneurs. Of the world's 14 self-made female billionaires listed by Forbes, half of them come from this ancient country.

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These women did not inherit the fortune from their families. Instead, they worked their way up to the pinnacle of the business world, a place dominated by men.

A glimpse into their achievements may inspire more girls to become successful career women, as it’s still a fact that most women here earn much less than their male counterparts. 

 China's 7 Self-made Female Billionaires

Rank Name Age Net Worth ($bil)
232  Wu Yajun 46 3.9
400   Xiuli Hawken 47 2.4
463   Chu Lam Yiu 41 2.1
488  Zhang Xin 44 2.0
585   Yan Cheung 53 1.7
880  Lei Jufang 57 1.1
880   Chan Laiwa 69 1.1

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