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Entry Requirements

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* Eligibility


The contest is open to global entrants, regardless of nationality, gender or age.


Both professionals and amateurs are eligible to enter.


* Equipment


Only mobile phones with camera are allowed. No restrictions on the brands.


When winning photographs are exhibited, no brand names will be marked.




The entrants can refer to the contest official website www.amazingchina.uk for relevant information and send their entries to amazingchina@mail.chinadailyuk.com.They can also complete registration and submission in WeChat official account.


The entrants need to note the Category and provide personal information such as name, mobile phone number, residence address and email address.


Photographs can be taken at any time before the date of entry. Each entry must be uploaded between Aug. 11that 0 a.m. and Oct. 7that 12 p.m. in 2015. 


Up to three entries may be submitted per person. One entry per category.


Entries must be images in JPG format. After rounds of judging, the winners will be notified and shall provide the original photos and sign a written agreement of copyrights to reproduce, display and publication of works.


Any modifications by mobile phones' photo editing tools are acceptable.


The photo must contain original information so that judges can confirm whether or not it is taken with mobile phone.

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