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How did Sydney win out to host Games 2000?

Updated: 2006-04-05 16:35

Politicially, all levels of government and all political parties supported Sydney's bid, as did the national press, which rarely printed a crtitical story on the bid process. No one campaigned against Sydney, as many did against Beijing(including members of the U.S. Congress) and Berlin.

Sydney's bid offered distinctive cultural features. The 2000 Games were portrayed as a festival for athletes, with excellent weather, comfortable accommodations, and financial inducement. A city of 140 different ethnic groups and radio programs in 65 languages had appeal to virtually every IOC members.

Another trump card the Aussie threw was their generous payment for the travel fee to Australia for all athletes, coaches, and officials, which costed $24.5 million. And they offered $8.32million more for the transport of sporting equipment, which was appreciated by equestrian sports, yachting and canoeing.

(fromHistory Dictionary of the Modern Olympic Movement)