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Two votes make Beijing wait for 8 years

Updated: 2006-04-05 16:16

There were five candidate cities to be voted as host city for 2000 Olympic Games at Monaco's open-air cinema on September 23, 1993. Beijing led the process in first three of alltoghter four rounds of voting, only to be edged by Sydney by two votes.

This following list would make it clearer:

First Round: Beijing 32; Sydney 30; Manchester 11; Berlin 9; Istanbul, 7 (eliminated)

Second Round: Beijing 37; Sydney 30; Manchester 13; Berlin 9 (eliminated)   

Third Round: Beijing 40; Sydney 37; Manchester 11 (eliminated)

Fourth Round: Sydney 45 Beijing 43

You may be meticulous enough to find that there were all together 89 votes in first two rounds while 88 votes in last two. Right! Swaziland delegate David Sibandze pulled out of the meeting to take apart in an urgent eletion at home.