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Greece wanted to be permanent site for Games

Updated: 2006-03-22 15:48

After a successful Games in 1896, Baron Pierre Coubertin noticed the nationalistic fervor spreading among a number of Greek officials that their nation be selected as the permanent site for future Olympic Games.

He felt strongly that if Greece ever succeeded with this lofty ambition, it would be the end of his dream and the modern Olympic Games.

He was determinded that the Games be rotated to different sites in order to spread the word and increase the internationalism of the event.

He wrote an article for the November 1896 Century magazine, emphasizing that the report was "by Their Founder, Baron Pierre de Coubertin, now President of The International Committee".

In this article, he wrote, "Where will those of 1904 take place? Perhaps at New York, perhaps at Berlin, or at Stockholm. The question is soon to be decided."