University of Pittsburgh welcomes Chinese Vice-Premier

2015-06-21 13:31

Vice-Premier Liu Yandong giving remarks at a performance event held in honor of her visit to the University of Pittsburgh campus on Friday. Liu was there s part of side activities leading up to the Sixth Round of China-US High-Level Consultation on People-to-People Exchange.

China and Pittsburgh strengthen ties

2015-06-21 12:31

Maintaining a healthy and stable development of China-US relations serves the common interests of China and the United States, the world's largest developing and developed nations, visiting Vice-Premier Liu Yandong told Pittsburgh Mayor William Peduto on Friday.

Confucius Institute in Pittsburgh welcomes vice-premier

2015-06-21 12:15

Vice-Premier Liu Yandong visited the Confucius Institute at the University of Pittsburgh, and stressed the importance of learning a new language to better understand a culture.

Sichuan and Pittsburgh unveil new school

2015-06-21 12:10

Sichuan University and the University of Pittsburgh unveiled a joint engineering institute at a ceremony in Pittsburgh,under the witness of Chinese Vice-Premier Liu Yandong.

Liu visits Confucius Institute in Pittsburgh

2015-06-20 11:51

Students at the Confucius Institute at the University of Pittsburgh greet visiting Chinese Vice-Premier Liu Yandong on Friday afternoon.

China, US spearhead MERS fight

2015-06-17 05:05

Chinese and US scientists have jointly developed a new antibody targeting the MERS virus, which has killed 19 people and put more than 150 in hospitals.

Youth plays part in Sino-US relations

2015-06-04 11:20

Sino-US relations depend on the countries' younger generations, Deputy Consul General Zhang Meifang said on Wednesday, during an open day at the Chinese Consulate General in New York.

Carnegie Hall's youth orchestra to play in China

2015-04-07 10:40

The Carnegie Hall National Youth Orchestra is headed to China for the first time this summer.

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