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What to see in Euro 2016 host cities

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What to see in Euro 2016 host cities

UEFA Euro 2016 host city: Lyon. [Photo/IC]

Region: Rhone-Alpes (Rhone-Alpes-Auvergne from 2016)

Population: 491,268 (2.18 million in the urban conglomeration)

Founded by the Romans in the first century BC, Lyon has played an important role in the religious and political development of Europe over many centuries. Initially known as Lugdunum, the town's archbishop was named Primate of the Gauls and several popes were crowned here. Trade in spices and silk boomed in Lyon in the Middle Ages. The city developed a reputation for its cuisine and was ultimately considered the gastronomic capital of France. Meanwhile, its unique architecture, with narrow streets known as traboules, has led to its recognition as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

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