Quake, tsunami cost Japan $209 billion

Updated: 2011-06-24 10:36
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TOKYO -- Damage to buildings, roads and ports from a large earthquake and tsunami in March is estimated at 16.9 trillion yen ($209.8 billion), Japan's Cabinet Office said on Friday, at the low-end of the government's previous estimate.

Damage to homes and factories is estimated around 10.4 trillion yen, while damage to rivers, ports and roads is expected to be about 2.2 trillion yen, according to the Cabinet Office.

Damage to farmland and fishing industries is estimated to total roughly 1.9 trillion yen. Damage to infrastructure for utilities such as gas and water is estimated at around 1.3 trillion yen. Damage to government facilities is expected at about 1.1 trillion yen, the Cabinet Office said.    

The estimates don't include damage from nuclear meltdowns triggered after the record earthquake and large tsunami struck the northeast coast on March 11.

The Cabinet Office previously estimated that damage from the natural disaster ranged from 16 to 25 trillion yen.