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Beijing to attend talks on Iran

By Hu Haiyan and Ma Liyao (China Daily)
Updated: 2010-04-09 08:15
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BEIJING - China will attend a meeting with the other four permanent members of the UN Security Council and Germany in New York this week hoping the talks would lead to a resolution of the Iran nuclear standoff without the need for fresh sanctions, a Chinese foreign ministry spokeswoman said on Thursday.

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"The six nations will discuss ways to resolve the Iran nuclear issue through diplomatic means, and also a few other suggestions put forward by the participants. China will attend the meeting," Jiang Yu said at a regular news briefing in Beijing.

"China always maintains that dialogue and negotiations are the best ways to resolve the Iran nuclear issue, and we hope the participants can make utmost efforts to resolve the issue," Jiang said, in response to a reporter's question on China's stance about likely fresh sanctions on Iran.

"The diplomatic means haven't been given full play in the Iran nuclear issue and there is still much room for compromise," said Hua Liming, a former Chinese ambassador to Iran.

"It is routine for China to attend the meeting with the other five countries as it is a member of the P-5 plus one mechanism (UN Security Council members plus Germany). It, however, doesn't signify that China will support any sanctions on Iran," Hua said.

"China's nuclear policy has always been and will remain consistent, clear and transparent. It has always stood for the complete prohibition and thorough elimination of nuclear weapons, and upholds the principles of counterattack in self-defense," Jiang said in a statement.

"China will continue to build a lean and effective nuclear force capable of meeting national security needs. It is willing to cooperate with the international community to promote the global nuclear disarmament process," she said.