U.S. dismisses reports of Turkish incursion into Iraq

Updated: 2007-06-07 04:47

The United States dismissed reports on Wednesday reports of a Turkish incursion into northern Iraq to pursue the Kurdish rebels.

"Bottom line it for you, (I) don't think there's any substance to it," State Department spokesman Sean McCormak said at a briefing.

"Our ambassador in Ankara, Ross Wilson, went in, talked to the Turkish General Staff, they said the reports weren't accurate," McCormack said.

"Turkey and Iraq are neighbors. That's not going to change. And we don't think it is in the interest of either state that there be a military incursion into Iraq," McCormack said.

The United States has tried to work with the Turkish government, work with the Iraqi government, and have the two of them work together, to try to address the problem of PKK operating out of northern Iraq, McCormack said, adding that the United States considers the PKK as a terrorist group.

According to media reports, Turkish army launched a major incursion into northern Iraq on Wednesday to crush Kurdish rebels. The Turkish government has denied the reports.

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