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Premier Li Keqiang, accompanied by Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras (center), visits the new Iraklion Archaeological Museum, which opened on Saturday. Li presented a mask replica from the Sanxingdui Ruins in China's Sichuan province to the museum.  Liu Zhen / for China Daily

Li makes cultural visits in Greece

Trips to historical sites show leaders hope to extend ties beyond deals

13 assailants shot dead in attack on police station

Second guessing third culture

Sunday News

How to deal with Vietnam's blackmail

Since May 2, when a Chinese oil rig started drilling in the waters near Zhongjian Island of China's Xisha Islands, Vietnam has sent a large number of vessels, including armed ones, near the site to forcibly interrupt and stop the normal operation of the Chinese oil platform.

Peaceful rise is a choice, not expediency

Relationship between China and Japan is not irreparable

Sunday Special

Culture clash

Expatriates' children belong to multiple cultures - yet not like those societies' natives.

FAQs about 3rd-culture children

Sunday Expat

Chinese, yet more

Feng Chan considered himself one of the local boys. He went to a Dutch school, hung out with Dutch children and spoke Dutch fluently. But he did feel uncomfortable every time he saw his friends being greeted by their parents with a hug. Or whenever parents kissed around their children.

World Scene

Man with a mission

Music without borders

Out and about

Young violinist takes a bow on international stage

Anhui Special

五千年文博园致力打造中外文化交流中心 Centers set up to boost Sino-foreign cultural exchanges


Sunday Food

Turkish treat

Even though the decor has no touch of the Ottoman Empire - except the two evil-eye pendants that hang from one of the walls, the food at Efes Turkish & Mediterranean Cuisine Restaurant is both authentic and out of this world.

Dining alongside sand, sea and some feral cattle


Sunday Kaleidoscope

Celluloid dreams

A visit to Redtory never disappoints. The former canning factory that is now an art hub has steadily gained a reputation for mounting thought-provoking international and local exhibitions.

Long history of China's financial capital

History and myth meet minimalistic modern art

Sunday Image

Social fabric

Colored murals at an ancient archaeological site in Samarkand, Uzbekistan, record a Chinese princess traveling across a river on a boat to meet - and perhaps marry - the local ruler. In another scene, Chinese ambassadors present the king with rolls of silk.