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Reviving the 'river pig'

Jiaojiao is free from the fishing net that injured her. She's free from the trauma of her 6-month-old calf's death in that net. And she has ultimately been freed from the captivity that followed her ordeal, after which she was too depressed to eat for a month. While Jiaojiao lost her calf and was separated from her mate this September, her neighbors at the Tian'ezhou oxbow natural reserve in Shishou, Hubei province, are a couple expecting offspring next April.

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China launches Bolivian satellite

China successfully launched into orbit Bolivia's first telecommunications satellite on Saturday morning - a move expected to boost China's share of Latin America's surging satellite sector.

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The birth of hope

Tiantian's snout ruptures the still waters of the Tian'ezhou oxbow natural reserve.

Dolphin species' extinction helps cousin's survival

Sunday People

Learning to an African beat

Watching a group of Chinese children playing the djembe, an African hand drum, in a park in Shenzhen is an uplifting experience. The ups and downs of the beat and the exotic rhythm produce a variety of sounds, presenting a vivid picture of Africa.

Eight-day trip that changed young lives

World scene

Sunday Expat

Therapy notes

Anna Avdeeva grew up in an environment well cared for by her successful parents, who expected that she would have a career in business. She studied international economics at the Financial University under the Government of the Russia Federation in Moscow but didn't worry much about her future.

Green means go for e-bike startup

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Smiles give way to dials

Cellphones can be both a help and a hindrance, but few of us could manage without one now.

Entrepreneur Special

Vision for Chinese trade on border

James Lo, a Taiwan-born American, has long cherished the dream of helping Chinese enterprises go global.

Traveler-turned-entrepreneur Lily Lee makes her mark in Canada

Sunday Food

New restaurant flexes its Mex muscle

You might not expect a national flag to inspire the phrase "mouth-watering". But when a hearty plate of enchiladas - successively sauced in green, white and red like the Mexican flag - arrives at your table, you can be forgiven the urge to salute the fragrant, steaming platter.

More than just meat at Morton's


Sunday Kaleidoscope

James Blunt blasts off

You're Beautiful hit-maker James Blunt will be the first Western star to tour China in 2014.

Feast of authentic French flavor

Walk on the wild side, along paths less trodden

Sunday Travel

City of good karma

Those who are born and bred in Luang Prabang City say they enjoy the good karma of doing good in their previous lives. Their city is an ancient one with a history of more than a thousand years, and is surrounded by a picturesque landscape of verdant mountains and an ecologically sound environment.

Waterfalls and elephants in luxuriant rainforest

Airline news and deals

Sunday Sports

Somalis aim to be dandy at bandy

Somalis on ice skates seems as implausible as Jamaicans in a bobsled, but a Swedish-based team is preparing to represent the troubled African nation at next month's world championships in the sport of bandy.

Pacers snap skid by routing Rockets

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It was the year of the Tiger

Quality, variety gave golf fans a riveting show