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2007 Hollywood baby boom

She is the gorgeous unmarried lady; she is the 41-year-old Oscar-winner; she is the super pop diva...They play their roles in different stages and live their lives in different ways , but now they all have one in common----expecting babies.
2007 is a year of Hollywood celebs baby boom. Now let’s look at those mom-to-be Hollywood stars.

A feast for the eyes: Stars' sexy ads

Big stars' name are always connected with products which have earned their own fame in lots of commercial campaigns. But for those aiming to raise eyeballs for themselves as well as gain business for manufacturers, shooting sexy ads seems to be the best choice.

Oscar-winning Chinese American filmmaker Ruby Yang

When Ruby Yang spotted a Chinese restaurant near her Dallas hotel, she bought a large amount of takeout food. She was going to meet Yao Ming later that day, and something was cooking in her mind.

Britney Spears different hat looks

Britney throws on a fresh spring dress and a cowboy hat, going on a shopping spree at Sydney Michelle Boutique in Los Angeles.

Hollywood stars in DUI cases

"They(Hollywood stars) don't want to spend the money to pay for a car service because they want to be photographed in their fancy cars," veteran Hollywood media image consultant Michael Sands says of too many celebrities he's known.

Hollywood celebrities and their fashion lines

Although they had the titles as "actress", "singer" and  "model",  Hollywood celebrities are not satisfied with their status quo. They began to grab the designer title.

Stars celebrate HK 10th anniversary

Chinese superstar Zhang Ziyi poses on the red carpet at a film industry gala event that was celebrating the 10th anniversary of Hong Kong's return to the Chinese mainland.

60th Cannes Film Festival

The 4th Annual French Film Panorama

Christmas Movies

Christmas is a time of year for some great movie-making, and this is a brief list of some of the best Christmas Movies and Specials of all time!

Oscars 2007

Hollywood leopard print fashion

Breakup of the year

Breakup of the year

Allure of French movies

Maybe because many Chinese are tired of Hollywood special effects, or maybe because they despise those domestic films that are always about searching for fame or money, whatever the reason, French movies are popular in China...

Scary movies for a spooky Halloween!

Halloween! It's best time for scary movies again.Choose your favourite movies and enjoy a spooky Halloween.

What a fancy Halloween treat! Let's scream together!