Style advisor Kate Moss

Updated: 2010-01-11 07:53
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Style advisor Kate Moss

Kate Moss is an ''inspirational'' friend because she makes all her pals feel good about themselves and urges them to dress to impress.

Kate Moss tells her friends what to wear.

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The supermodel's friend, Sadie Frost, says her pal is always full of praise for those she loves and helps boost their confidence by urging them to show off their best assets.

Sadie said: "Kate is inspirational. She's got a fantastic attitude to her body and the thing about her is she's a real woman's woman. She is the first to tell you that you look gorgeous.

"She'll shriek at me and make me put on something that shows off my boobs and tell me how great they look.

"She's always the first to compliment a girlfriend on how they look. And she means it."

Sadie, 44, admits she often admires Kate's figure but is happy with her own shape.

She added: "Kate has an amazing body. She's got a bum and legs I'd love to have, but that's her. I'm smaller, bigger-boobed."