Americans would prefer Clint to Clooney as co-star

Updated: 2010-01-05 09:12
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Americans would prefer Clint to Clooney as co-star

NEW YORK - Most Americans watch their favorite shows on a TV set, and given a choice more would prefer to star in a Clint Eastwood western than a romantic comedy with George Clooney, according to an online poll.

Nearly 70 percent of adults questioned in the 60 Minutes/Vanity Fair survey said they watch TV when the programs run in their usual time slots but 20 percent admitted to using a DVR or TiVO.

Not surprisingly, the poll showed younger Americans were more likely to record their top television shows or use the Internet or an iPod to view them.

"It is a way to listen in on the public conversation," Kevin Tedesco, the executive director of communications at CBS News, said about the monthly poll.

"We try to be current," he added.

Eastwood was the top choice with 20 percent of those questioned when asked which type of film they would like to star in, but Clooney and Cameron Diaz were not far behind at 18 percent, followed by an action movie with Will Smith, a comedy with Will Farrell and a drama with actress Meryl Streep.

Ninety percent of people said they were sure they would spend more time with their families this year and a similar number were confident they would pay their taxes on time.

But less than 60 percent thought they would lose weight and an even smaller number were sure they would quit smoking.

If given a choice of a having a superpower, 30 percent of people said reading people's minds would be their top choice, followed by the ability to fly at 19 percent and to be invisible, which was selected by 13 percent.

On a more serious note, more than half of Americans questioned in the poll said holding the trial of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and other suspected Sept 11 plotters, will not make New York more of a target for another attack.